The 7 best childhood books on fairytales and magic

Mommy a story! Please recite me a story!

An innocent request for every bedtime session, the most adorable voice you cannot avoid willingly or unwillingly. And nothing works fine than reciting a nice, acceptable and appealing bedtime story. Trust me, a fairytale works just the best.

What makes fairy tales essential for bringing up a child?

Childhood books on fairy tales have been told and re-told for countless years. Childhood books on magic and fiction stories help them connect to their lives and are beneficial in understanding critical thinking skills. For example, fiction stories do not tell them that the beast exist, they know it already. It tells them that beast can be killed or certain beast can turn out nice.

Kids at their age are impressionable, therefore, tales help them learn important lessons on life and help navigate it. Wrong to right insight, fairytales enhance decision making capabilities not through direct teaching but through implication. You tell them a story they will set the characters, the plot and the climax on their own.

If this is practice regularly, they can make out the difference between non-fiction and fiction. They can even predict and comprehend the other stories they are reading. This is how their mind works. Sharp and smart!

Would you still agree with people who say fairy tales are risky with kids?

If not, do you want to know what story books you shall pick when you visit a bookstore next time? Here is the list-

1. Beauty and the Beast

It is a story of a princess, Belle, who is born beautiful with the purest heart. The fate takes her to the prince charming that does not happen to be a gentleman, but just the opposite- a beast.

It is the story that has fired the imagination of many writers. Children will find the story appealing as it is to do with love in the purest form. Seeing the kind heart under the perceived ugliness, she discovers love is not about superficial looks. You have a nice moral here in the story!

2. Rumpelstiltskin

The story hinges on ‘bragging’, a special human nature.

A miller brags to the king that her daughter can spin the straw into gold. The king was greedy and asks her to spin the straw each day. And day by day his wants increases. So, she seeks the help of supernatural being to fulfill the king’s uprising demands and in return makes a terrible deal – She has to give him her first born. Plus, the deal can be broken only if she can find out his name i.e. Rumpelstilskin! Interesting isn’t it?

3. Puss in Boots  

A son of a miller is left with nothing but a cat in his father’s will. Not too delighted with the testament, he is assured by the cat that it will make him richer. It just needs a pair of shoes. And, yes cat does make his master richer who does little in return for help.

It is a tale of a cat doing impossible things to make his master happier. This sounds like a real amusement to me!

4. The Ugly Duckling

Mother duck hatch and give birth to a strong but less beautiful duckling. The poor creature is perceived as the ugliest among the other birds and animals. And due to this, duckling suffers from physical and verbal abuses. The story takes a turn when duckling realizes that he is not the ugliest bird but a unique duck with exceptional qualities.

This book will connect your child and interest him to know how things become simpler when looked from a different angle. You should definitely buy this one!

5. Cinderella

Often named as The Little Glass Slipper, the book portrays the tale of Cinderella, a beautiful daughter of widowed prince, left at the mercy of a mentally and physically abusive stepmother. It is a magical and household story that your kid will love to listen and read even.

Also, if you practice an attractive way of telling it- like in the form of rhyme- the storytelling experience can be more magical. If you have the book already, try out different versions of it!

6. Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack lives with his widowed mother and is left with a cow as the source of income. When the only source of income fails to fulfill the purpose, he decides to sell the cow and trade money instead. But, on the way he manages to trade the cow for magic beans that help his family in all means. But, as it says in fairytales magic comes with a price, he has to pay some too. The story gets interesting as it proceeds.

7. Rapunzel

The story has a cruel witch, innocent king, gorgeous princess and a prince charming. This is the story that can hold your kid for a time and help them learn the difference between love and cruelty, innocence and bravery.

Rapunzel is the only child of the king, is taken away by a cruel witch and is shut in a tomb that has neither stairs nor doors. But, in the end, the witch is killed and Rapunzel is saved by the prince.

However, there are many other story books that your child may like. But, with these seven, you can be sure that your kid is going to have a big jolly time. The fiction stories are filled with magic, love and a truthful moral at the end. They will definitely love to listen as well as read the book.

Reading school books seem a bit weary at times to the kids. And, reading practice is what most of the mothers worried about. Story books can help your child develop reading practice. So, need not waste a second and make a list of books to shop this time!  But I think you already have a list!

Mildred Owens

A story wrangler who still believe Cinderella’s glass slipper is around, Mildred Owens will tell you everything and anything magical. She is fascinated by ancient folktales, the world of magic and the obscurity in modernity. From the unicorn that walked past her house to criticizing movies that went so bad, of witch and wizards, no one narrates it better than her!

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