What’s so great about these Magicians?

Since childhood, we have been reading countless fairy tales with magic as their integral part. From then on most of us adore magic and admire the one who can do it right. While switching the T.V. channels, if one catches the sight of tricks being performed by any magician, he/she stops and hinge over it till the time the otherworldly stunt is completed. So here we all love magicians (most of us do).

But, what makes one a good magician?

Is it how he handles the cards and coins or how he stages the tricks?

Is it the ability to get inside your head and perform the stunt that question the law of science?

To score high among substantial audience, nothing but magician’s ability to entertain the crowd is the differentiator factor.

Assume that you are attending a magic show. The magician is performing a card trick with some of the visual superfluities with unimaginable dexterity. And, the whole effect of the act comes very hard to tune with your enjoy level. Plus, the act seems like a burden on the magician. How will you respond to such show?

“It was an overcooked steak, could have been better!”

Let’s take the same case again and think it from another angle.

If the same magician appears to have a great personality, appealing indulgence with the audience, perfect patter on stage and seems to be enjoying the show himself, it transforms your whole experience. You are more likely to say “That was incredible, did you see it?”

A magician becomes great not because of his tricks, but the method he follows to presents them and entertain the audience. It is not the tricks that make a man magician, but it is the magician who makes the tricks.

So, there are two things that make a man good magician- first, the original state-of-the-art act that appeals the spectators, and second, the way that art is performed.

How do you think magicians like David Baline and Dynamo are driving people crazy?

It is their maneuver to encapsulate the whole auditorium into a magic circle by high-end performances.

A magician’s greatness lies in his performance.

Mildred Owens

A story wrangler who still believe Cinderella’s glass slipper is around, Mildred Owens will tell you everything and anything magical. She is fascinated by ancient folktales, the world of magic and the obscurity in modernity. From the unicorn that walked past her house to criticizing movies that went so bad, of witch and wizards, no one narrates it better than her!

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